Making Plans To Sell Your House? Proactive Advice For A Hassle-Free Home Sale

Planning ahead is an excellent way to avoid pitfalls and help to ensure success in any project and especially so for homeowners who are preparing to sell their home. But along with scrubbing away the crayon marks on the wainscoting in the hallway and slathering on a fresh coat of paint in the living areas, homeowners should consider some additional preparations to help streamline their selling process and protect them from avoidable delays once an offer has been made and accepted. If you are making plans now to sell your home and would like to enjoy a smooth, hassle-free selling process, the following advice may be just what you need. 

Engage the services of an expert listing agent as part of the planning process

A critical error that many homeowners make when selling is to wait to hire their listing agent until the last moment. Doing this means not being able to utilize the listing agent's expertise and guidance during the entire preparation process. Experienced listing agents who are hired well in advance of the expected listing date are able to work with their clients to help them make their home more marketable. Additionally, selecting your listing agent early in the home selling process allows the homeowners enough time to interview several agents to ensure they hire the real estate professional who will be best suited to market their home effectively while maintaining excellent communication with them throughout the process.

Schedule a pre-listing home inspection during the home preparation process

Another advantage to planning ahead to sell your home is that doing so will allow enough time to schedule and complete a pre-listing home inspection with a certified home inspector in your area. Performing a pre-listing home inspection gives homeowners more confidence in the condition of their home and allows them time to correct any repair or condition issues that are found. Sellers who do not utilize a pre-listing home inspection are often blind-sided by the findings of their buyer's home inspection reports and then must scramble to negotiate repairs or buyer credits in order to salvage their transaction.

Homeowners who give themselves an advantage by having a pre-listing home inspection will be able to price their home more effectively and negotiate more confidently with their prospective buyers. A home inspection report accompanied by contractor bills and paid receipts for any repairs that were needed can also serve as a good marketing tool to show prospective buyers that any issues have been corrected. This type of proof helps prospective buyers realize that the seller has made repairs as needed to keep the home in excellent condition, giving them more confidence that they are making a good choice. Contact an agency, like Re/Max River & Sea, for more help.