Searching For A New Home In Encanterra? What Should You Consider?

Whether you're interested in downsizing from the home where you raised your children or are just looking for a change, you may be considering purchasing a home in one of Encanterra's premier golf communities. 

Read on to learn more about some of the factors you'll want to consider when browsing for your next Encanterra home.

Why An Encanterra Golf Community?

Arizona's warm weather allows for a year-round golfing experience, and whether you're an avid golfer yourself or just love the view of a perfectly-manicured golf course, living with the course literally in your backyard can be a relaxing and picturesque experience. 

Encanterra's golf course is an especially special one, designed by pro Tom Lehman and boasting panoramic mountain views in just about every direction. Many golfers spend as much time admiring the scenery as they do lining up their shot, and with tees appropriate for world-class golfers as well as those who are just getting started, this highly-walkable course has something to offer for everyone.

Purchasing a home that adjoins this famous course can ensure you're part of an exclusive neighborhood where residents take pride in well-kept homes. Many seniors choose to retire to an Encanterra golf community so they can maintain an active social life even after leaving the workforce.

What Should You Consider When House-Hunting?

If you're browsing for homes in Encanterra, there are a few factors you'll want to consider before extending a purchase offer. 

First, you'll want to look into the local homeowners association (HOA) codes, rules, and regulations. Many neighborhoods are governed by an HOA that assesses dues in exchange for providing community-wide services, from additional street lighting to trash pickup or even lawn services. Depending upon the scope of services you'd like and the price you're willing to pay each month, you may want to select a home governed by a strict HOA or one where the rules are more lax.

You'll also want to consider your interest in outdoor maintenance. While you may take pride in your eye-catching flower garden, you might also have no interest in mowing your own lawn, either hiring out this service or having your lawn xeriscaped to eliminate the need to mow. Considering the ongoing maintenance costs you'll need to incur to be happy in your new home will help you stick to a budget.

Finally, you'll want to consider preservation of your home's value. Some real estate agents advise you to purchase the worst home on a good block; and while there are few "worst homes" around Encanterra, purchasing a home you're certain will remain marketable for years to come (due to floor plan, ideal location, or unique features) can help you maintain the value of your investment.

Contact a real estate agent about pre-owned homes in Encanterra golf community.