Sell Your Home Quicker With These Outdoor Space Staging Tips

Regardless of what the climate is like where you live, it is nice to have an outdoor space that you can enjoy whenever possible, even if it is only a few months each year. In many cases, this may be among the best features of your home, and it is important to highlight it when you are selling your home, as it may be the one feature that can "sell" the home to a buyer who is on the fence about the home. So, here are a few tips to help stage your outdoor space in a way that will have potential buyers picturing your outdoor space as their own:

Tip #1: The Furniture

No outdoor space can truly be used if it doesn't have furniture. Outdoor spaces are considered an extension of indoor living rooms, so you want to show potential buyers this by utilizing and properly arranging comfortable outdoor furniture. You will need a sectional or sofa that is made for the outdoors to highlight the lounging area as well as a coffee table and possibly even some side tables to make the space functional. To add color and definition, you may want to consider an outdoor rug, large lanterns and some planters.

Tip #2: Fire Pit/Grill

Some outdoor spaces have built-in fire pits, but if yours doesn't, then you could consider purchasing a portable metal one. You can then place chairs around it as well as some attractive logs inside of it for appearances. If you have a grill, make sure to clean it up and place it so that it fits in with your staging, as this will help potential buyers picture themselves having a holiday weekend or family cookout/barbeque when they move in.

Tip #3: Landscaping

Landscaping is just as important around your outdoor space as the furniture is on the patio or balcony itself. If you haven't been taken care of your flower beds, and you have some bare spots, now is the time to fill them with some blooms that will add some visual interest and a pop of color. You can also use some pots and planters throughout the space as well as around the patio and fill them with hardy plants.

Staging is a critical step in selling your home, as it will help attract more buyers and motivate them to make an offer on your home. For more advice on how to stage your outdoor space before your put your home up on the market as well as tips on how to stage the rest of your home, reach out to a local realtor.