Get An Entry-Level Position With A Real Estate Team Doing These Jobs

If you're interested in eventually working in real estate, obtaining an entry-level job with a local real estate team can give you an idea about this field. In your position, you'll likely be performing a wide range of tasks that will support the team's agents in several different ways. As you perform these roles in this fast-paced environment, you'll be able to get a sense as to whether real estate might be the right career choice for you. If so, you can then move forward with obtaining your license — and the contacts you'll have made with the real estate team might make it easier to join the team as an agent. Here are some entry-level real estate team jobs that you may end up doing.

Delivering Paperwork

At many large real estate teams, agents have entry-level employees who will essentially act as couriers. Although lots of information can be shared electronically, many important real estate documents still need to be delivered as hard copies so that the agent, buyer/seller, and an attorney can inspect them and sign them. Instead of the agent running these documents between the client and the attorney, this job might land on your shoulders. You can show your value to the team by getting this job done quickly, given the time constraints of many real estate deals.

Installing/Removing Signs

As soon as a house goes on the market for sale, the listing agent will want to have a lawn sign installed to generate interest from passersby. If the agent doesn't have time for this job, he or she will likely assign it to you. You'll need to be 100 percent clear about the location of the home in question, as well as be able to mount the sign in the ground in a sturdy fashion so that it doesn't fall over in the wind. Additionally, you'll need to select a spot on the lawn in which the sign won't be blocked by trees or bushes.

Assisting At Open Houses

At open houses that are expected to garner a high degree of interest, an agent on your real estate team may need assistance. You could be recruited to attend the open house with him or her and pass out information packages to those who enter the home, assist with coffee and refreshments, or perform other duties on an as-needed basis. You may also be asked to learn about the listing so that you can answer basic questions from prospective buyers if the listing agent is occupied with others.