Tips For Giving Your Home Maximum Curb Appeal To Sell Quickly

If you want to sell your family's home quickly, then it is essential that it has amazing curb appeal. When a buyer pulls up in their car in front of your home, it is vital that they get the best impression possible. Great curb appeal draws in a buyer and makes them want to see the rest of your home, while a home without curb appeal repels potential buyers and puts them off of buying your home even before viewing its interior. 

If you are struggling to give your home the curb appeal that it deserves, follow each of these tips to make it look amazing in short order:

Tip: Thoroughly Clean Up Your Home's Landscaping

Your home's landscaping is one of the first things that potential buyers will see while pulling up to your home. For this reason, it is important for you to thoroughly clean it up. Things you should do include:

  • trimming trees
  • pruning back bushes
  • removing weeds
  • mowing the grass

In addition to getting the vegetation trimmed and looking wonderful, you also need to make any needed repairs for sidewalk, walkway, or stairs leading into your home. For example, if there is a crack in the walkway, then you should patch it to show buyers that you are on top of necessary repairs.

Tip: Strategically Plant Some Flowers

While it is not necessary to plant a ton of flowers in your home's yard, it is important that you give it a bit of color to catch your buyer's eyes. Rather than planting flowers that will soon lose their blooms and need to be replaced, instead, choose long-blooming flower varieties such as marigolds, cone flowers, and zinnias that will last until after your home is sold. 

Tip: Wash the Exterior of Your Home

Once your landscaping looks impeccable, then you should pressure wash your porch and the siding on the front of your home. Pressure washing will remove any spider webs and dirt that have accumulated on the exterior. As you wash, check for any damage that needs to be repaired, such as fallen rain gutters or loose siding. 

Tip: Update the Look of Your Porch Area

After your home's porch has been cleaned, then you should take the time to polish the doorknob with metal polish to make it sparkle. If the door has marks on it or is missing any paint, then you should repaint the door. Finally, you should wash off the porch light fixture and install a new bulb if necessary.