6 Mistakes That Can Keep Your Home From Selling

When you place your home on the market, you want it to sell quickly. In reality, there is a possibility that your home could languish for months while you hope for an offer. Although the market might be partially to blame for your home's time on the market, there could be mistakes that you are making that is leading buyers to pass on making an offer. Here are just a few things you should not be doing if you want your home to sell.  

  1. Getting political. Even though your political affiliation should not have any bearing on whether or not someone wants to buy your home, it can. A sign, button, or sticker with a political message could be enough to turn off potential buyers.  

  2. Hiding embarrassing items. Dirty magazines and other items that could be embarrassing if a buyer stumbles on them need to be placed in storage. Simply hiding them in your home might not be enough because buyers tend to explore every nook and cranny in a home.  

  3. Leaving broken items. A burnt out light bulb or broken doorknob might not seem like a big deal, but to buyers, it could be a sign that the home has not been well cared for. Spending a few dollars to make small repairs could make the difference between receiving an offer and struggling to sell your home.  

  4. Skipping the sniff test. When buyers enter your home, one of the first things they will do is take a deep breath. If the air is tainted by a dirty kitty litter box, trash, or other odors, buyers could be reluctant to make an offer.  

  5. Turning off the lights. Lighting in a room helps to make it larger. When buyers walk into rooms that are dimly lit or have no light at all, they might not only believe the rooms are smaller than they are, but they will also have trouble viewing all of the features of the room.  

  6. Growing plants in the gutters. If you have not cleaned your gutters in awhile, now is the time to do it. Over time, plants can sometimes start to grow in the gutters. The plants are a surefire sign that you have not cared for your roof and gutters.  

Your real estate agent will talk to you about other changes you can make before an open house to prepare your home for buyers and attract more offers.